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In 2007 LawBill.com introduced the first complete subscription-based online training course for PCLaw.

In over 20 hours of videos, every single click and function within the program was reviewed in detail with on-screen pop-ups and pointers with an audio discussion accompanying the video. Never before had a certified trainer for PCLaw provided such a complete online training system. The training course was the culmination of 9 years real-world training experience on-site at small and mid-sized law firms. It was partitioned into three distinct training levels: Staff, Bookkeeper and Administrator. Each level covered all of the areas in PCLaw necessary to gain proficiency for the specific job function performed at the law firm. Since it was online, students could access any video within their training level at any time, without the need to reserve a training time or request help from someone else in the office. The course was met with great acceptance.

In 2009 the wide dissemination of remote desktop-sharing services made the fixed-in-time online video training model obsolete.

Today, through the use of remote desktop-sharing services, LawBill.com provides live, custom training anywhere in the English-speaking world. Training is customized for the law firm and the student and is always performed on the law firm’s actual live data. In addition, electronic training manuals in Adobe pdf format are created with screen grabs of the same data for future review of the course material. All courses are taught by consultants or trainers certified by the software publisher.

Courses can be as simple as training new entry-level employees the basic functions of the program or as complex as updating the Office Administrator on all of the new functions in the latest version of a program.