PracticeMaster practice management software is designed specifically for law firms. You may think that Outlook alone is enough because Outlook can organize an attorney’s contacts and your calendar. But Outlook can’t organize a legal matter.

A Firm-Wide Calendar Lets You Know Where Everyone Is
The PracticeMaster calendar can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook® or Exchange®. View appointments for anyone in your office with a firm-wide calendar. Quickly see all appointments for any client or matter. Security settings can control which employees see appointments for certain attorneys and clients. Color code appointments by employee or by type of activity. See your calendar by day, week, or by month. For common projects that always involve the same tasks (for example, the five things you always do when you add a new client), set up a calendar plan template and use it over and over. Quickly see appointments for one person or all appointments for any matter or client. Pop-up reminders help make sure you never miss an important meeting. The PracticeMaster calendar integrates with Outlook, with or without Microsoft Exchange.

Quickly and Accurately Check for Conflicts of Interest.
Instantly identify possible conflicts for everyone in your firm. Search your clients, contacts, documents, e-mails, and attachments. Identify conflicts of interest for your entire law firm by searching contacts, appointments, e-mails, e-mail attachments, documents, and meeting notes. In just one click, you can gain access to the details of any potential conflict. Use flexible search methods, such as matching only partial words and using phonetic searches for words and names that have multiple spellings (for example Swensen or Swenson). Advanced options like phonetic spelling and phrase match make your searches more accurate and more efficient.

Store and Organize Detailed Contact Information.
PracticeMaster’s contact file is more than the electronic Rolodex you get with Outlook. It stores phone numbers, mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses for all of your firm’s contacts. PracticeMaster also allows you to view documents and e-mails for any appointments and meeting notes for any contact. See a list of all people related to a matter. PracticeMaster provides one unified contact list for the entire firm (opposing counsel, witnesses, family members, appraisers, etc.), and synchronizes them with Outlook.

Document Assembly
Use information about a matter in PracticeMaster to fill in templates of common documents, using PracticeMaster Document Assembly (Word or HotDocs required). You quickly end up with a great first draft to review. Bill for the value of an assembled document automatically, and set up follow-up reminders when necessary. After a document is assembled, it is stored in PracticeMaster and linked to the appropriate client so you can find it later.

Automate Office Procedures and Reduce Mistakes.
Use WorkFlows to automatically start tasks, or give you and your staff reminders after you perform a particular action. For example, when you add a new client, let PracticeMaster automatically generate a thank-you letter. With WorkFlows you and your staff will be more productive, see fewer errors, and train new staff members more quickly.

Your Matters Have Never Been This Organized.
The Matter Manager organizes matter information. At a glance see a client’s contact information, and all activity anyone has entered for a matter – e-mails, documents, appointments, fees, research, and meeting notes – making all of this information easy to find. Quickly convert any activity to a fee with the click of a button. When you send an e-mail in Outlook, PracticeMaster can automatically organize it and bill for it. When you save a file in Word, Adobe, or Excel, PracticeMaster can automatically name it, file it, and bill for the time you spent on it. When you search for conflicts, you can include e-mails, attachments, documents and notes of everyone in your firm. After you receive a client’s intake form, automatically generate a thank you letter. View a billing summary to see what’s been billed, paid, and the balance of any trust account. See information organized differently based on the area of practice. You can also access this information from your phone, tablet, or laptop with Tabs3 Connect – a Platinum feature.