Needles Case Management software features:

Needles Today

The first screen you see upon entering the Needles program shows your calendar items, email, internal messaging, intakes to review and daily checklist for that specific day.


The Needles central names directory allows you to search 14 different ways in the database, conflict check, make changes, send E-mails and attach these entries to case files.


Needles works with both an internal calendar or the Microsoft Outlook calendar. The internal calendaring system allows you to view daily, weekly and monthly appointments for individuals or all staff. Calendar reports can easily be run to reflect specific criteria and appointments can be set for multiple staff members

Email, Internal messaging, Internet

Needles connects to any mapi-compliant email system so you can view incoming mail from external sources. Needles enables you to post emails directly to client case files. If you are using Microsoft Outlook email, you have the ability to post attachments directly to client case files as well. Needles also provides its own internal messaging system for staff communication. It also allows for posting internal messages directly to case files.

Global customizable buttons are provided on the Needles toolbar to connect directly to Internet sites or other programs of your choosing.

Case/Matter File

Needles allows you to customize an infinite number of case types with up to 10 customizable tabs and a limitless number of User-defined fields. The program provides pre-set tabs for basic matter information, such as party information, case information, checklist, notes and documents.

Checklist (To-Do list)

The checklist is the backbone of the Needles system. A daily task list is automatically created as each file progresses. This is what appears on each user’s Needles Today screen. The checklist enables you to:

  • Use your own codes and terminology
  • Easily record completion of items
  • Reassign tasks to accommodate absent employees
  • Generate or change task due dates
  • Create single or repeating items
  • Track multiple statute of limitations dates or warnings

The checklist allows you to generate documents through Word, WordPerfect, or Adobe, as well as create additional, auxiliary checklists for pre-litigation, litigation, etc.

Document Management

The Needles Documents Tab provides a link to any letter, pleading, photograph, diagram, scanned item or other document that needs to be viewed in the case file. You also have the ability to merge documents directly from the checklist or through reports and save them in the Documents tab.

Case Status

A customizable status tab provides a quick summary of the case’s status, all on one screen. The contents of the status tab are defined by the user. Any available field chosen for the status tab automatically updates each time it is changed anywhere in the file.

Value and Cost Tracking

The Value Tab easily tracks costs and expenses related to a file. You also have the ability to track multiple payments, record notes and liens, request checks, run reports, and quickly subtotal file costs. Customizable settlement memorandums can be run as well.


During the process of working a case in litigation, Needles excels in organizing, tracking, and maintaining all pertinent information as the case progresses. Specifically, our customizable case date labels automatically feed into the case checklist to track important dates and deadlines.

Reporting Capabilities

Needles provides 85+ standard reports within the program. These reports include:

  • Checklist summary reports
  • Statute of limitations reports
  • Provider history reports
  • Mailing Label reports
  • Marketing reports
  • Referring reports
  • Management reports