Amicus Attorney Premium Edition

Amicus Attorney Small Firm is designed specifically for solo practitioners and small firms to help improve their efficiency and profitability and to help them get the most out of the time they spend practicing law. There are literally thousands of features that make up Amicus Attorney Small Firm.

Your Law Office On Computer

Amicus OfficeThe key to Amicus is the way it integrates all the information in your practice.Information need only be entered once – and is available wherever and whenever you need it.Individually or firm-wide.Everything is organized – nothing falls between the cracks. Reuse information, knowledge and processes in new matters as they come up.Gain insight from reports on cross-sections of your practice. Increase billings from automatic time entries. Share information with various third-party products.

File Information Is Instantly Accessible

Amicus FilesAmicus Attorney organizes all of your file information and keeps it right at your fingertips so you can always find it quickly.For each of your files you can track appointments, tasks, contacts, communications and time spent across all of the members of your team. You can attach documents of any type to a file and access them at any time.You can quickly track progress on a file and generate several types of status reports.Amicus allows you to reuse this information to generate documents using HotDocs®, Microsoft® Word or WordPerfect®.Customizable fields allow you to tailor files to different practice areas and set up Amicus Attorney to work the way you do.


Amicus CalendarYour calendar tracks your appointments, displays deadlines and lists to-dos in a familiar daybook format. Your day’s communications and notes are also readily available. View your calendar by day, week, month, year or in lists. The group calendar lets you easily schedule meetings or assign tasks to others. Save profiles for the calendar views that you use on a regular basis. Tasks are brought forward until you mark them done. Regular events like weekly meetings need only be entered once.Link related tasks for easy rescheduling. Or specify that a task should be scheduled only after the completion of a preceding task. Drag and drop events to reschedule them. Record less important tasks on a “do someday” schedule. Set preferences for automatic time entries when tasks are completed.

Universal Communications Management

Amicus ComCenterClick the phone button on a business card anywhere in the system to start a call. Amicus Attorney times and makes note of all the details.To refresh your memory while you’re talking, review a record of earlier calls with the person, or see all previous calls with anyone on the file. With one click you can create a Call Back Reminder or do a time entry for the call. You don’t have to type anything because Amicus Attorney fills in the details.Sent and received email messages are managed in the ComCenter and are automatically saved to the appropriate contacts and files. Simply click on any email address on a contact or file to create a new message. Phone messages are also handled by the ComCenter and can include both your own and those taken by others on your behalf.

Keep Track Of Your Time

Amicus TimeWhile you are working, Amicus Attorney is in the background keeping track of what you are doing. Automatic time entries are created for daily activities like phone calls, email and to-dos. Or you can create new time entries quickly and easily with handy shortcuts.Amicus Attorney Small Firm has fully integrated time sheets that can be used with Amicus Small Firm Accounting. Not only does this help you track your time more easily, it also helps you manage your practice more efficiently. See the time on a file. See cross sections of your time by activity, file type, date range and more. Review your time by day or month. Be alerted when you have forgotten time entries. Quickly see how your billable hours compare with the goals you set for the year.Post time entries electronically to your accounting system. Time gets to accounting faster, more accurately and without anyone having to retype it!

Mobile Time Tracking

Amicus TimeAmicus TimeTracker brings Amicus Attorney to your mobile phone. Now you can see and do your time entries on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere!Imagine the convenience of being able to do your time entries wherever you are. Capture billable time you were losing before by recording it live on your phone!Amicus TimeTracker makes your smartphone an extension of your Amicus Attorney. It provides an instant, live connection to your time entries from your phone. No matter where you are or what you are doing, if you have a smartphone, you can record your time. Create new time entries, edit previous ones, see your list and running totals for the day, week or month. Your file list is at your fingertips. Handy shortcuts help you do a complete time entry with just a few touches. The second you hit save, it is not only on your phone, it is also in your Amicus database at the office. So your time is on the client file and ready for billing, wherever you are!Using bank-grade encryption and the incredibly secure Microsoft Azure, Amicus TimeTracker helps you make more money by ensuring that you can always record your billable time.