HotDocs is the platform of choice for 35% of the US document-generation legal market.

Law Firms Large And Small

Small-to-medium sized law firms love the speed and ease with which they can transform their own correspondence and practice documents into process applications. Large firms and corporate legal departments like that HotDocs can handle documents of any complexity and can be integrated into any BPM workflow or case management system.

How Do Law Firms Use HotDocs?

Law firms use HotDocs to generate everything from simple, single-page letters and NDAs to complex contracts and estate planning documents, all in a fraction of the time it would take to do it the old, cut-and-paste way and with much greater accuracy.

For small firms, HotDocs process apps can be run on the desktop (HotDocs User) or in the cloud (HotDocs Document Services). Larger firms may want to host their own instance of HotDocs Server or integrate process apps directly into their own web apps or workflows (HotDocs Cloud Services).