LawBill: A History of Productivity Consulting to the Legal Profession

Since 1998, LawBill has provided legal technology consulting services to over 500 lawyers and staff in small and mid-sized law firms around the U.S., Canada, the Eastern Caribbean, the Middle East and Africa. The company was started by a graduate of NYU School of Law admitted to practice law in NY, in response to the need of law firm partners and managers to identify and implement the most efficient systems to enable their law firms to operate at maximum productivity and profitability.

Over the years the requests for help expanded beyond the core areas of time, billing and accounting to include practice management, document management, I.T. design and database maintenance. To meet these requests the company earned industry certifications in certain areas and formed alliances with experts in other areas, so that today LawBill can provide the exact expertise needed by your law firm to solve your problems the way you need them solved.

LawBill’s Other Services

In addition to providing the best software and practice management consulting, LawBill offers a full complement of remote and on-site training, software customization and total cloud-based solutions to operate your firm’s entire practice on world-class remote servers.

trainingAll of our trainers are certified in the most current version of the product by the publisher. They bring decades of hands-on experience using the product so they know the product from the end-users’ perspective. Training sessions are dynamic and utilize real-world examples, typically with actual data from your firm. Our trainers understand that your lawyers and staff want to learn quickly and precisely so they can begin using the new program immediately after training is completed.


  • Remote training brings the trainer right to the desktop of each student, with 2-way voice and video communication.
  • On-site training delivers the face-to-face experience needed for data-intensive sessions.
Customize Not even the best practice management software will enable your firm to operate at 100% efficiency on Day #1. No two firms practice law the same way. Partner backgrounds, staff proficiency and case histories combine to make each firm unique. Since 1998 we have worked with firms in many different areas of practice and we bring that expertise with us when we are engaged by your firm to customize your practice management software. Some of the practice areas in which we have helped client firms maximize productivity include:

Personal Injury Insurance Defense Foreclosure Medical Malpractice Workers Compensation Real Estate

CloudCloud Services means simply that all of the data (programs, emails, documents and software databases) which are stored on the computer server in your office would be stored on a much larger, more powerful, 24 x 7 very secure and maintained computer server somewhere else. Commercial-grade server farms (collections of many servers all in one large building) offer the advantages of 1) eliminating the cost of a local IT vendor who is called in whenever your server fails, 2) standardizing the desktop of each user so they can access only what they need to perform their job, 3) providing extremely fast access to the firm’s data via tablet and mobile devices and 4) ensuring multiple remote, secure back-ups. The workstations in your office would connect directly to the cloud server where all of the computing functions would be performed on the faster remote system. LawBill works with the largest, most secure and experienced cloud service providers in the country, each of whom has extensive experience with the needs of law firms for security and always-on access. Most important, all of the data and programs remain the property and in full control of the law firm, to be moved intact at any time at the request of the firm.

Why Choose Us?

  • Providing legal technology services since 1998
  • Not limited to only a few products or services
  • Affiliations across the entire country
  • Certified by LexisNexis for PCLaw and Time Matters
  • Helped 100’s of lawyers and staff improve productivity
  • We understand how your law firm works. Really.